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Cantrell Photography, Inc.



Fall Photos

The individual school portrait is one of the most important and cherished products in the school photography industry.

Cantrell Photography has provided families and schools with this lifetime memory at very affordable prices for many years.

Our professional photographers are sure to make picture day run efficiently and capture the finest portrait of each child. Each photography team consists of three people. Every detail is taken care of. We make sure each student looks his or her best.

Every student will be photographed. Students who do not place an order on picture day will receive a reminder notice to take home. The parent has an opportunity to order portraits the next day, online or by phone.



Like the other school portraits we offer, the classroom group picture meets our high standard of excellence.

Large or small groups are an ease to photograph on our risers.  Time from class is minimal.  Custom borders and special designs are available.

Our group photographers work as a team to get the picture taken in a timely manner.

Our class composites offer student images from all photography sessions. The schools may select their own “look” from our special background selections.

QUALITY control of each portrait involves:

The latest high quality digital photography equipment, products, and systems are in place at all times.

Meeting the high standards and challenges of the continually changing technology, we are a leader in the school photography market. This means our parents are happier, our schools always receive the best products; and, we have fewer retakes, which means less disruption from valuable class time.

Consistent head-sizing to ensure a polished uniform look for all composite class pictures, yearbook images, record prints, class directories and other student services.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We make sure the schools and families we serve are completely satisfied with all our products and services.

We pride ourselves in working hard to make sure your portraits are great. If something is not correct, we work even harder to make it right!


  • Parents love the opportunity.
  • Students love the look.
  • Schools love the money.

Celebrate the change of season with our Spring Portrait program. We make it fun and the students really enjoy the special designer backgrounds and props.

Parents love the opportunity to receive a special portrait of their student. Schools benefit from the Spring Portrait Fundraiser.

We extend an invitation to contact us to learn more about our SPRING PORTRAIT FUNDRAISER and incentive programs.



Are you looking for the perfect source for all your yearbook dreams?

Take time to check out what we have to offer. We make it exceptionally easy to design and create one of the best yearbooks your school will ever have.

Each school is encouraged to keep their individual and unique ideas. We want you to focus on your own style while we supply all the products you may need to guarantee even more success.

We listen to your needs and design a program just for you.

What is important?

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Cover
  • Deadline
  • On time delivery
  • On track with our changing tech world
  • Expert hands on support

Creating your school's yearbook with a local company with real people who are there for you! We are available to help make it easy and fun!

Contact us now. We are ready to help get your yearbook started in the best direction!


More Products Equals More Choices!

Fun Products

We have listened to you, our customers. In today’s world, you are asking for portrait items that you can give as gifts or enjoy yourself!

We are constantly checking the market for new affordable ideas and make them available to you.

We offer our most popular products in our Fall Program

  • Personalized Wallets
  • Misty Reflections
  • Portrait Magnets
  • Image CD
  • Portrait Calendars
  • Soft Impressions
  • Retouching
  • Photo Tags

Watch for Background changes and Graphic Themes!

Online Ordering!

Our Online Ordering is simple to use and secure.


We are pleased to provide the following products at no additional expense to your school. It is important to us that we serve the school community by supplying them with the latest in technological advancement.

  • Student Directories and Principal’s Albums
  • Peel and Stick Service/Record Prints
  • Administrative CD
  • Yearbook Image CD
  • Student Photo Record Cards
  • Complimentary staff portraits
  • Complimentary Panoramas
  • Student ID Cards

Badges, Badges, Badges…. Custom Designed Badges for Staff, Volunteers, Visitors, Guest Teachers and many more…

A vast collection of Certificates of Achievement, Bookmarks, Post Cards.

Promotion and many more ideas for student recognition. Customized as well.

  • Holiday Staff Group Portrait Greeting Cards
  • Calendars

All of these products are produced in a timely manner and expedited to your school.